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Our Purpose:

We are a ministry of restoration, unified to restore the hope, within people, for God. 

Our Mission:

Through acts of worship, kindness, love and giving; we replicate the life that Jesus lived on earth, bringing hope to all we come in contact with and serve.


Come. - Everyone is welcomed, loved, needed, and accepted into the beloved.

Heal. - Restoration, wholeness, covered and disciplined into right relationship with Christ. 

Grow. - Encouraged, equipped, elevated, and expected to mature in the things of God.

Go. - Be fully who God purposed you to be on the earth as you fulfill the mandate of advancing the kingdom of God.

Our Vision:

HopeNation is a center of restoration, reconciliation and revelation. We aim to transform lives through Worship and the Word of God. Our direct relationship with Christ empowers us to impact the lives of others with integrity, character, and honor. HopeNation is a ministry that aims to exhibit the heart of God for us his church.


  • There is one God and he exist in three persons; The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. 

  • Salvation is a necessity for the believer; confession is the starting place of redemption.

  • We believe that through the son, Jesus Christ, we have been adopted into the inheritance of the Kingdom of God. 

  • We believe in the redemptive work of Calvary on the cross and the resurrecting power available to us by the holy spirit.

  • The Holy Spirit is given to every believer and empowers them to operate in the gifts of the Spirit.  (We do believe in the gift of tongues.)

  • The Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher are essential in building God’s church (his people)

  • We believe in Jesus Christ and through his blood we are redeemed. By his name we have access and power. Because of Jesus we can have eternal life. 

  • The bible is our daily bread; it is our road map through this faith journey.

  • Every believer needs Christian discipleship (even children). 

  • No one is omitted from receiving the Love of God; we believe his love has the supremacy to change anyone into his likeness no matter the past, present, or future


What is the dress code?

           Clothes. If you do not have anything to wear, we would love to help. Please call us at 512.348.7387

What is your denomination affliction?


           We have no denominational affiliation. Non-denominational

Do you have Children and/or Teen Ministry?

           Your Child's spiritual development and growth in Christ is very important to us. We currently have "Sunday School" every 3rd Sunday during our 3pm service.

Will I fit in?

           If you are a human being you will find your place at Hope Nation. You are family here and you matter. We want to see you flourish in your relationship with Christ. 

What about ministry for the single and/or married?

           Yes, the ministry that goes forth ministers to the every person no matter what your relationship status is. 

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