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Spiritual Growth Challenge

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Are you resting?

How do we rest in the Lord? It’s more than just sitting in a quiet place. Here’s an acronym I came up with for REST:

Release anything that is not like God

- Cut the dead weight and trim the fat. We can’t reach our God-given destiny when the person attached to us is our biggest stronghold.

Embrace Him as our Father

- Intimacy! Not just in a corporate setting with other believers but in our personal time at home. We can’t treat our encounters with God like a one-night stand. It’s a continued relationship. We have to constantly pursue Him.

Surrender our agenda

- God won’t bless our mess! We must consult with Him in every area of our life. 

Trust God

- We’ll experience burnout trying to do everything on our own without the help of the Lord. Have faith in Him and believe!

When we REST in God we abide (remain) in Him. 🙏🏽

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