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Spiritual Growth Challenge

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Yep, I chose violence this morning!😂We 'bout to talk about OFFENSE with his UGLY SELF!!!

This ninja is REAL, ppl!

He's REAL! He's RUNNING RAMPANT and RUINING God ordained RELATIONSHIPS. Like, he's on a world tour right now! Coming to a city near YOU!



If you don't know me by now, I'm pretty no nonsense and direct so I'll get right to the point...


👦"Well Devin, I'm actually kinda offended that you even mentioned offense!"

👧I know, but calling things out is apart of my purpose. You'll actually be fine if you follow my instructions.

👦"Ok so, say I AM frequently offended. How do I know?"

👧Glad you asked. It's easy!

1. When you actin' funny around or even avoiding the person who said something you didn't like.

2. When you smiling in their face and still secretly mad at them.

3. When you refuse to admit you feel some kinda way about something they said or did, but you STILL MAD!

That's it. That's how you know and it happens to ALL OF US!


I've actually had several opportunities to take offense just recently and each offer, I respectfully declined.

👦"Well Devin, how do I NOT take offense? It's so hard!"

👧 Well, I can only tell you what I do.

When I first feel it tryna creep in, I ask myself a series of questions.

"What is it about that, that bothers me? Is that an unchecked/unhealed thing in them causing them to manifest on me? If so, I decline offense cuz that's a personal problem.

I need to pray for them.

Is it an unchecked/unhealed thing in me causing me to be offended by their words? If so, I need to investigate the feeling and trace it back to its origin with the help of God. With that, Im STILL not taking offense cuz it's ME I need to deal with.

Is it BOTH of us? Are her words triggering something in me and now, me being offended is making her feel a way?

If so, I need to muster up the courage to go to the person and admit, "Hey, I ain't like what you had said that time and I'm still lowkey mad atchu, dawg!

I see that me walking around in my feelings is counter productive and also makin' you feel some kinda way, too! The energy is weird now. That's my bad. Ima chill and deal with me."

There you go!

It don't have to be hard if you humble yourself.🙊

Go fix it before you offer your gifts to God.

You outta pocket if you don't.

Matthew 5:23,24

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