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Spiritual Growth Challenge

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Well, we can’t talk about team players and teamwork without talking about coaches right? There are leaders who are coaches and leaders who are team captains. There are also leaders who don’t hold an official title but still lead with their actions when they make plays on the court.

A great leader communicates well, is honest, has integrity, great at problem solving, is creative and flexible and will also delegate.

For ministry leaders (that’s all of us, remember regardless of if you hold an official title or not) we are to execute the vision of our our coach (pastor + God). Are you calling your own shots that you feel is best? Or are you aligned with your pastor and with God?

What leadership style do you carry to get the job done?

Is your leadership style at the church different than when leading your family at home or team at work or the same? How so?

❤️📖 Matthew 20:26 Whoever wants to become great must first make himself a servant.

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