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Spiritual Growth Challenge

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I was in a service, over the weekend, and the pastor made a statement.

He said, "God gives us what He trusts us with."

🤔 That struck me and got me to thinking about all the things God has given me.

A husband, kids, a house, a car, siblings, a parent, a job, money, a purpose, talents, skills, influence, spiritual gifts, a vision, a mission, A PHYSICAL BODY!

All these things He trusts me with... How am I handling these... gifts?

These treasures? If God gives me ANYTHING, it's of great value.

The fact that He trusts me with special things that belong to Him.

Makes me look at those things, those ppl, the assignment, differently.


I want to take better care of them.

What has God given you? What has He trusted you with and how are you handling those things/ppl?


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