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Spiritual Growth Challenge

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When we moved into that little apartment, it was supposed to be temporary.

We had been homeless for 4 months so we just needed something, ANYTHING!

I thought we'd be there just until we found something better.

I, unknowingly, treated God's provision as a holding cell instead of a home so all I did was live there.

I didn't decorate it. I didn't put pictures up. I just lived there while looking for better.

I was trying to get out of that apartment the entire time I was there and it never worked. I was so frustrated and HIGHKEY mad at God.

A 6 month lease turned into 6 years and then I decided... if we can't leave, I'd better make the best of where we are.

So, I started sprucing up the place.

A year and attitude change later, a unit on the first floor opened up.

It was bigger, had fresh paint, a different floor plan, and new carpet.

We took it! From the 2nd floor to the first floor. PROGRESS!

We on our way OUTTA HERE, BABY! 😁😁😁

I had just barely gotten this unit together, esthetically, when God allowed us to get into a house the very next year.

Now, this is not the house of my dreams, but I've learned that perception is 🔑.

I can see it as a prison or preparation, a holding cell or a home, incarceration or incubation and obstable or an opportunity to grow.

The choice is mine.

I was so busy trying to leave that place, that it wasn't until it was time to go that I realized my music ministry started there.

I got filled with the evidence, there.

My prayer life intensified, there.

My purpose and destiny was revealed, there.

It wasn't a prison, it was purposeful and I didn't have peace there until I changed my perception of where I was placed.

Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!😂😂😂

But forreal, how are you perceiving your placement?


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