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Spiritual Growth Challenge

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Yesterday, Daughters of Hope Bible Study was on the topic of emotional healing. If we’re not careful we can easily be led by our emotions which will take us down a long, dark path. We instead should be led by Holy Spirit. (Remember my post from Monday morning? God has to dwell in us for this to happen. Invite Him in and let Him take the lead!)

I challenge you to spend time the remainder of this week to see which emotion(s) you have listed below and seek God on guidance on how to handle and rid it the responsible way. Partner with God and He will also show you what triggers your emotions and how you should properly respond.

Some people don’t like doing this exercise but it’s necessary when you actually WANT to be made whole from the inside out. And we’re here to GET spiritually FIT right? 😉

Here’s just a few examples. You may have other emotions that I haven’t listed…

Negative Emotions:

Anxiety - You are fearful and lack trust in God.

Jealousy - You secretly desire something.

Resentment - You have boundaries that have been violated.

Bitter - You’re refusing to forgive yourself and/or someone else.

Shame - You condemn yourself with the opinions of others.

Disappointed - You had expectations but reality came and sat in.

Narcissist - You are overly prideful and have a sense of entitlement.

Workaholic - You are running from poverty and living for riches.

Insomnia - You have unsettled thoughts that you need to confront.

Positive Emotions to work towards (just to name a few):

Joy - You have no fear because you trust God and are filled with His everlasting love.

Wisdom - You use knowledge.

Faith - You fully trust and have confidence and belief in God.

Hope - You wait on God with great expectation.

Be Blessed! 💗

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