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Spiritual Growth Challenge

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Hey Beauts!

Have you ever read a story in the Bible, and in one chapter the main character is going through a trial, and then in the next chapter they have conquered that particular situation? Like, what was it like to be in fire, or to be married to prostitute, or wait for rain to come after being in a 3 year drought, or have the sun stand still so you are able to fight your enemies, or put a peg in a man’s head while he’s sleep, or have a red chord tied on your window so you and all your family will be saved? Man I could go on, but I think you get the point. Has that thought ever crossed your mind? What was it like? How were they feeling? How LONG did they have to endure this trial? Why them? What’s funny to me is that, those characters didn’t know either. They didn’t have a Bible, that would have told them that in the next chapter, they would come out victorious. All they had was their obedience and their faith. (It’s the confidence for me.) They trusted God to deliver them. He did AND then some! You go God! Real quick, in each of those situations there was a waiting period, an uncomfortable period that they all went through. To me, this is where character is built- in the waiting period. In the video below Hosanna ( yes that’s her actual name) talks about faith in the fire, and how there’s purpose in the fire. (It’s a short video- about 10 minutes. If you have seen it before, watch it again let it encourage you once more.) Alright Beauts, be encouraged.

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