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Spiritual Growth Challenge

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"A Tale of Two Brothers"

My son, Joshua, wants to play football sooooo bad. He's like a football fanatic!

My other son, Esai, wants to play, too, but his enthusiasm is not nearly as intense.

When I talked to them about Strength and Conditioning Camp, Josh was amped.

Esai was not.

My husband explained to them the significance of Strength and Conditioning camp.

It builds muscle, improves joint function and increases overall endurance and physical conditioning for that particular sport.

He told them that camp would make them better athletes and put them in a better position to "start" in the coming season.

Esai wasn't interested.

So, while Joshua is up at 7 am every morning, training, Esai is sleeping til 12pm.

They both want to play, but for 2 very different reasons.

Esai just wants to play for fun (which is fine).

Josh, however, wants to go to the NFL so their work ethic, their drive, their dedication to "process" vary.

Esai justs wants to be in the game. Josh specifically wants to be the starting quarterback.

Esai wants to chill this summer.

Josh, instead of chillin', wants to study film and watch highlight reels of the best players in the league and build his stamina for the next season.

What is driving him? Greatness. So, for the joy that is set before him, he endures the cross, I mean camp.😄

In this first month, his little body has been THROUGH IT and as his mama, I was a little concerned.

But, here's what I've extracted from his excruciating experience thus far.

1. Conditioning the body in the off season prepares it to stand under the pressure of the game and perform at a high level.

So, to triumph in the next season, you've got to train in the off season.

2. Without a strong goal you won't want to go through.

So, keep your carrot in view.

Ha! That rhymes! #bars 😂🤦🤷

3. All of the G.O.A.T.S were GLADIATORS.

And, all gladiators go through seasons of intense training.

4. Josh is not "going through it" alone.

He has a coach and comrades.

5. Perception is paramount.

To Esai, camp is torture. To Josh, it's tutelage.


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